Best Kids Blackout Curtains

Kids Blackout Curtains
Kids Blackout Curtains

These Kids Blackout Curtains What if we told you there was a simple way for your whole family to get better sleep?  are expertly designed to block out sleep-disrupting light and sound. Your perfectly darkened rooms will signal melanin production and help you all get all the beauty rest you need. These Blackout Curtains also insulate the room they’re in to help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Here in Country Curtains we bring your top 5 kids blackout curtains to save your time and money.6

1- NICETOWN Kids Blackout Curtains Blue

These Kids Blackout Curtains NICETOWN Kids Blue Blackout Curtain – Hollow Star Space Inspired Night Sky Twinkle Star Curtain, Creative Blackout Window Drape for Bedroom (1 Panel, 52 x 63 inches Panel, Navy Blue)

Features - Kids Blackout Curtains


The tiny star-shaped cut-outs applied thoroughly throughout each panel allows just enough outside light in. So your kids’ “fear of the dark” is no longer a big problem due to the stars giving off tiny fragments of light. Star cut curtains to let in a nice amount of light during nap time for your kids. Meanwhile, provides absolute privacy for your indoor life.


Dress your windows in style with our Die-cut Stars Insulated Blackout Curtains. The stars of varying sizes add an unexpected twinkle and charming appeal to your space, while the blackout feature ensures that you get the best night’s sleep.


Hollow stars design cuts the light entering the room into the star shapes. The stars twinkle with the changing light throughout the day. This special design will add more dreamy sense for your kids’ room.


Design for children, the fabrics have NO chemical coatings or foil printing. NICETOWN provides a safe window decoration for your sweet little cuties. Blackout fabrics block the lightest promises you a nice sleep.


1-panel laser cutting out stars curtain per package. Each Blackout Curtain measures 52″ wide x 63″ long. The design of silver grommet (1.6-inch inner diameter) makes the curtains easy to install and slide.


Made of high quality, formaldehyde-free and soft fabric, no harmful smell. Block dust into room, reduce the risk of allergies. These curtains provide a safe, private, and cozy rest zone for you and your kids.


Machine or hand washable in cold water. Tumble dry or naturally dry. No bleaching. Low-temperature ironing can easily remove the crinkles. Measure your pole and window sizebefore you choosing sizes.

I love these curtains. As an adult who has them in her bedroom, I can say the star cutouts are awesome. Aside from being fun, these curtains let in just the right amount of light. Obviously, they’re not blackout curtains, which is what I want for my bedroom. It allows the room to gently brighten as the sun rises. When the sun is out at full strength, enough light gets through to bathe the room in a very soft and gentle glow of light. That means the entire room is in shadow, but not so dark you bump into things. It’s definitely too dark to read a book though. The photo I posted shows the curtains in early morning light.

2- MANGATA CASA Kids Blackout Curtains Star

These Kids Blackout Curtains MANGATA CASA Kids Star Blackout Curtains Grommet Thermal 2 Panels for Bed Room,Cutout Galaxy Window Curtain Darkening Drapes for Nursery Living Room(Pink 52x63in)

Features - Kids Blackout Curtains


Our awesome curtains adopt innovative laser cut-out technology so that little light can come through the cutout pattern, making your kids experience the feeling of being in galaxy and bedroom full of joy. What’s more, the stars and moons give off tiny fragments of light,so your kids “fear the darkness” is no longer a big problem.An ideal gift for your children.


Our blackout curtain is densely fabric ated with three layers, which is excellent for blocking out heat in summer while keeping out cool in winter. This thermal insulate property helps balance room temperature against extreme heat or cold. An essential addition to kids’ room or nursery.

⇒ Noise & Sunlight Buster

Triple weave fabric featuring high-density dark yarn, blacks out 85%-95% sunlight and UV rays (darker color performs better) and reduces noises by 10-20Db,creating a peaceful sleeping environment.

Used in my daughters nursery. They are SO pretty & work better to blockout sun then the eclipse one I had on the window. The cutouts are perfect for nap time because my daughter can put herself to sleep with a little light in the room and then when it’s bedtime & it’s dark no light comes through them. Great buy, will use with all my babies ?

3- BGment Navy Star Blackout Curtains for Kid’s Bedroom

These Kids Blackout Curtains BGment Navy Star Blackout Curtains for Kid’s Bedroom – Grommet Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Printed Curtains for Living Room, Set of 2 Panels (42 x 63 Inch, Dark Blue)

Features - Kids Blackout Curtains

⇒ Light-Blocking Performance
  • Block out 75% sunlight
    • offer you a better afternoon nap or morning sleep-in. (Dark

colors work

    • better)
    • Make your bedroom pitch-dark by blocking out street lights and car lights at night, help you to fall into sleep easier.
    • Perfect for a dining room to create dramatic ambiance; or for a media room, office to minimize glare on screen.
  • Total block UV ray.
⇒ Quick & Easy Home Care
  • Hand washable or machine washable (Gentle cycle)
  • Quick ironing or steam clean if necessary.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Wash in cold water.
  • Tumble dry on low heat.
⇒ High Quality Grommets Top
      • 6 silver metal grommets on 42 inch wide curtain panel, installed already for hanging up;
      • 1.6 inch Inner diameter and 2.4 inch external diameter of each curtain ring, fit for all standard curtain rods.
      • Smoothly sliding
    • Rust resistant


⇒ Exquisite Workmanship
  • Exquisite seaming;
  • Thread trimmed;
  • Wrinkle free;
  • Loose thread protection;
  • Added weight on the bottom selvedge, bring a better falling sense to the drapes.
My daughter picked these out for her room and we love them. Very good quality! Also, my phone made the light seem brighter in the photo. It is actually VERY dark with the curtains. Almost completely blocks the sun. I will buy this brand from now on!

4- Nursery kids Blackout Curtains Room Darkening

Nursery Blackout Curtains Kids Room Darkening Window Curtains for Bedroom 63 inches Long Twinkle Star Navy Blue Draperies for Living Room Grommet Top Thermal Insulated Window Treatment Set 2 Panels

Features -  Kids Blackout Curtains

⇒ Quality Fabric

Triple Layered Microfiber Without Liner Feels Soft and Heavy.

⇒ Ready Made

A package includes 2 panels. Each panel measures 50″W x 63″L.

⇒ Innovative Design

The cute hollow out stars curtains filter light whether day or night, donate your room with dreamy twinkling stars. The design of Back Tab makes the curtains easy to install and slide.

⇒ Multiple Functions

Decorate your home with twinkling stars whether day or night. Innovative triple weave blackout fabric blocks light and UV ray perfectly. Noise reduction and privacy protection.

⇒ Eco-friendly

Different from the printed stars with chemical coatings,the cutting out stars are more healthy for people especially baby and kids.

⇒ Maintain Instructions

Machine washable, tumble dry. Quick ironing or steam clean when needed.

We redid our 4 year old daughter’s room. She loves them! They’re very unique and serve well as darkening curtains. The star effects are great during the day and at night.

5- BGment Kids Blackout Curtains

Kids Blackout Curtains BGment Kids Blackout Curtains – Grommet Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Printed Animal Zoo Patterns Nursery and Kids Bedroom Curtains, Set of 2 Curtain Panels (42 x 63 Inch, Beige Zoo)

Features - Kids Blackout Curtains

⇒ Package Includes

Set of 2 cute animals printed blackout curtains and 2 tiebacks; Each panel measures 42 Inch wide by 63 Inch long.

⇒ Grommet Construction

Each curtain panel has 6 silver metal grommets on top. Each grommet inner diameter is 1.6 inch, comparable with most rods. Easy to hang, and slide smoothly.

⇒ Blackout Functions

Our bedroom curtains can block out 75% above sunlight and UV ray ( Darker colors work better), perfect for late sleepers and afternoon naps.

⇒ Thermal Insulated

Our energy saving curtains insulate against summer heat and winter chill to balance your room temperature, cut down energy bills. Reduce outside noise, protect floor and upholstery from color shading.

⇒ Easy to care

Machine washable in gentle cycle and cold water, do not bleach. Warm iron and tumble dry at low temperatures.

erfect for Kids bedroom. These are beautiful curtains to use as a room divider for kids or as curtains. I have brought 4 panels of the animal curtains. My Niece loved them and we used them right out of the box! Two for curtains, they do block the sunlight. The rest two panels are hanged on the bed of My niece’s, they decorated the room super cute. Great value and quality.

6- Pottery Barn Kids Blackout Curtains

Pottery Barn Kids Gray Madras 96″ Blackout Panels (Set of 2)

Features – Kids Blackout Curtains

⇒ 100% Cotton

⇒ Made of 100% cotton

⇒ 44” wide x 96″ long

⇒ Polyester blackout lining

⇒ Dry-clean

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